The Advantages and Disadvantages of The Paleo Diet

Paleo Diet Weight Loss

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If you are fighting obesity, then you could benefit from learning about the advantages/disadvantages of the Paleo diet.  Low fat or low calorie diets often claim to be renowned, but not long ago a diet that was low carbohydrate grew in popularity.  These diets include the Paleolithic or Caveman Diet.

This diet initially surfaced in the 1970’s.  Its primary argument is that the cave dwellers ate much healthier that modern people do today.  The main idea of the Paleolithic diet is that the lifestyle of primeval humans was far more flexible to our genetic makeup than today’s modern diet is.

Consider the Advantages:

It is important to consider all of the the advantages/disadvantages of the Paleo diet.

  1.  One of the main benefits is that it includes dishes that humans can track and gather.  Dishes such as grains and starches are not available in the Paleo diet.  According to the diet, Cavemen were not looking for pepperoni pizzas or Twinkies.
  2. The Paleo Diet lacks byproducts.  Things like sugarine made from sugar cane are not in this diet.  Most byproducts are not healthy and can give off negative results.  This diet avoids much of the modern processed foods and prepackaged meals.
  3. This diet promotes weight loss.  Those who are able to sustain the Paleo Diet can experience a few benefits connected in loss of weight.  A big no-no in the Paleo Diet is carbohydrates; however, you can add dishes such as vegetables, fruits, rice, pasta, bread, and grains.  This allows your body the ability to breakdown fats instead of storing them.

Explore the Disadvantages

Here is a further exploration of the disadvantages of the Paleo diet.

  1. A diet that is unbalanced is one of the principal criticisms in the Paleo diet.  This diet says you should avoid tiny samplings of foods of various varieties.  This means that people on the diet will have dietary shortcomings and miss certain essentials.  According to Clinical studies, including non-saturated fats and grains in your daily diet will product more results that the Paleo Diet will.
  2. Jam-packed consumption is another drawback of this diet.  It tends to be packed with fat.  This is due to the excessive amounts of proteins that this diet is comprised of.  This is something cave dwellers might have experienced because the majority of their day consisted of probing foot.
  3. Even though many of us will use strong foods, many of us will not be able to maintain like a cave dweller did on certain foods.  So switching to the Paleo Diet could have severe results for many people.

Even though the Paleo diet idolizes cave dwelling people that lived thousands of years before us, this diet seems to undermine the modern well balanced diet.  The Paleo diet should give any one pause before they just jump in head first into participation.  There are some fitness guru’s who encourage this type of diet, while there are many others who only see it as a craze that has developed in history.

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